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In A Nutshell

The Response Center

Within seconds, a Personal Response Operator accesses your profile and quickly assesses the situation. The operator then contacts a neighbor, loved one or emergency services based on your specific needs.

Press Button

At the press of a button, you can easily summon help by pressing your waterproof, Personal Help Pendant, which is worn either around your neck or on your wrist.

At the Press of a Bu​tton you will be connected with a professionally trained emergency operator within seconds.

The operator will be able to speak to you directly through the medical alert system to quickly assess the situation and start providing help immediately. Whether it is a minor problem where a local neighbor or loved one is needed to respond or it is a medical emergency where paramedics need to be called, our emergency operators are there to ensure that every customer receives the immediate care they need.

How It Works

Speak with an emergency operator

Your signal from your button activates the Response4HELP small base unit and sends a signal to our Response Center.